MySplendidFamily had its roots as a wedding planning website called "My Splendid Wedding" when I found myself spending huge amounts of time researching online for my own wedding. But after my own wedding, my interest in the topic took a dramatic decline!

So I decided to move the articles I had written for the website over to a blog about a topic that would be consuming me for the foreseeable future - the family my husband and I were raising.

As for the name, I thought why can't families be just as splendid as a wedding. And that's pretty much what you will find here - the splendid things we get up to as a family and I hope you find some splendid ideas here for you an yours.

I also contribute children's craft tutorials to MyKidCraft.com and articles about fun and interesting things to do in Sydney, Australia for WeekendNotes.com

You can contact me via email - mysplendidgroup@gmail.com.

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