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Paper Plate Yarn Heart

I just love simple crafts with the kids that are quick to complete and use supplies I have already and this is one of those great little projects. My turn at a paper plate yarn heart. This is the first time I have attempted something like this with my 4 year old.  She was super excited to do the project after watching the how-to video (see below). The craft was a little too old for her, but with lots of help from mummy we have something that she is really happy with. My 4 year old's paper plate yarn heart. I think this project would look great with red yarn too - especially for Valentines day.  Use a card instead and you would have a lovely Valentine's day card. Mummy and daughter's paper plate yarn hearts look great on the door of my daughter's bedroom. We were inspired to do this craft thanks to Lincraft's video (below). They are starting to produce some great craft content as they try to connect with their customers online. Their projects

Life Hack: How to Remove Spray Paint from Clothes

Are you looking for a way to get spray paint out of clothes? My husband came home with bright pink spray paint on his work pants from sitting in a newly gratified train carriage and I thought that was the end of those pants - but no!  It was actually incredibly easy to remove and the secret is hair spray! I really wish I had taken a video of the removal process because it was simply magic and unbelievable unless you can see it for yourself.  The spray paint literally disappears before my eyes just with just hairspray and a bit of scrubbing on the more stubborn stain. Here is how I removed spray paint from the garment .. Step 1: Spray hairspray directly on the stain long enough to soak the fabric with hairspray. If you have a minor stain you might see the spray paint disappear completely. If you have a more difficult stain you will see a dulling in the intensity of the spray paint. If you can still see the stain, continue on to step 2 or skip straight to step 3 if you can'