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Frozen Elsa Costume Using McCalls Pattern M7000

My daughter's much loved Elsa Frozen costume had reached the end of it's days. Not only was it ripped and stained, it was also too small. I'd looked in the shops for the next size, but found no luck. So when I was walking past the local fabric shop and saw 40% off everything, I thought it was time to make one myself. The Frozen Elsa costume made with McCalls Pattern M7000. I made the biggest girls size for her so it has a pretty ugly hem for now, but it will last her for years as I can redo the hem when she grows. My daughter and I located the Elsa costume pattern which we'd seen featured in the store a while ago and chose some material. $50 dollars later we left with three different materials, for the outside of the dress, and a pattern.  Is it any wonder sewing is now just a hobby if that's how much a costume costs to make with 40% off! McCalls M7000 pattern for a Frozen Elsa costume along with the material we bought to make it. Now i