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Paper Plate Yarn Heart

I just love simple crafts with the kids that are quick to complete and use supplies I have already and this is one of those great little projects.

This is the first time I have attempted something like this with my 4 year old.  She was super excited to do the project after watching the how-to video (see below). The craft was a little too old for her, but with lots of help from mummy we have something that she is really happy with.

I think this project would look great with red yarn too - especially for Valentines day.  Use a card instead and you would have a lovely Valentine's day card.

We were inspired to do this craft thanks to Lincraft's video (below). They are starting to produce some great craft content as they try to connect with their customers online. Their projects are a great mix of projects for adults and children so check out their blog or YouTube channel for some inspiration for your next project.

Life Hack: How to Remove Spray Paint from Clothes

Are you looking for a way to get spray paint out of clothes? My husband came home with bright pink spray paint on his work pants from sitting in a newly gratified train carriage and I thought that was the end of those pants - but no!  It was actually incredibly easy to remove and the secret is hair spray!

I really wish I had taken a video of the removal process because it was simply magic and unbelievable unless you can see it for yourself.  The spray paint literally disappears before my eyes just with just hairspray and a bit of scrubbing on the more stubborn stain.

Here is how I removed spray paint from the garment ..

Step 1: Spray hairspray directly on the stain long enough to soak the fabric with hairspray. If you have a minor stain you might see the spray paint disappear completely. If you have a more difficult stain you will see a dulling in the intensity of the spray paint. If you can still see the stain, continue on to step 2 or skip straight to step 3 if you can't see th…

Frozen Elsa Costume Using McCalls Pattern M7000

My daughter's much loved Elsa Frozen costume had reached the end of it's days. Not only was it ripped and stained, it was also too small. I'd looked in the shops for the next size, but found no luck. So when I was walking past the local fabric shop and saw 40% off everything, I thought it was time to make one myself.
My daughter and I located the Elsa costume pattern which we'd seen featured in the store a while ago and chose some material. $50 dollars later we left with three different materials, for the outside of the dress, and a pattern.  Is it any wonder sewing is now just a hobby if that's how much a costume costs to make with 40% off!

Now it has been a long time since I've sewn anything from a pattern.  I'm talking more than 25 years ago!  So it was as much an adventure for me as it was for my little girl!  It was just like getting back on a bike and I had a lot of fun with aspects of the pattern my previous sewing adventures hadn't included lik…

Book Review - Peppa Pig - 150 Things to Make and Do with Peppa

On our last trip to the local library, my 3 1/2 year old's attention was caught by a Peppa Pig book called "150 Things to Make and Do with Peppa". I must admit I was reluctant at first to get it for her thinking it might be a little too old for her (i.e. a nightmare for mummy) but she was so excited by it that we did borrow it. On getting it home I was pleasantly surprised by what a good child's activity book it is and really wish I didn't have to return it because it has so many great activities that I can see my daughter wanting to do for years to come.

If you are worried your child isn't enough of a Peppa Pig fan to want to do 150 Peppa Pig related activities then you needn't. While each activity has a tie in to Peppa Pig, sometimes the tie in is quite loose. For example, the book shows you how you can make a hot air balloon with paper-mache that looks like a hot air balloon that appeared in a Peppa Pig episode. But if you hadn't seen that particul…

Raffia Loom Flowers

I just love the cute flowers you can create with flower looms. But have you thought of making a flower out of something that wasn't yarn or wool?

I recently picked up some raffia on clearance at my local art & craft store to make crochet some raffia hats.  When I went to look for some yarn to use to make a flower for a greeting card, inspiration struck - that raffia "yarn" would surely make a fantastic loom flower and I was right don't you think?

In addition to greeting card decorations, a raffia loom flower would be a fantastic addition to a raffia / straw hat or bag. You can also use your finger to gently smooth the corners out of the ends of the petals.

I finished these raffia loom flowers off with some white yarn (with sparkle) for a bit of contrast.

Chenille Socks for Kids

My daughters new winter pyjama's don't have enclosed feet like her old ones do so I told her she would need some bed socks. She immediately asked me if I could make some for her.  Despite never having made socks (and a failed attempt under my belt), I immediately said yes.

A look through the yarn collection for something suitable yielded some chenille yarn in white and pink. Having already made an animal security blanket / lovey out of the white chenille, I know how hard it is to work with, but I knew that pink chenille was just the thing for the fluffiest, cuddliest, warmest, girlyest bed-socks for a 3 year old.

My next task was to track down a pattern for chenille bed-socks for kids suitable to a sock knitter newbie. Nothing too specific there right? My first dilemma was the thickness of the chenille. The packet made no indication, but I'm sure all chenille yarns are not created equal. Patterns for chenille socks used all sorts of needle sizes. In the end I went with the…

Make a Doll's Wardrobe

Coat-hangers often come with doll's clothing, but what are you supposed to do with them? Make a doll's wardrobe of course! In this post I'll take you through a project I worked on with my daughter to make a wardrobe for her Barbie's clothes. You can make one to suit any doll, you just need to choose a box that is the appropriate size for the coat-hangers and clothes.

What you will need:
Cardboard boxesScissors Wooden skewerHot glue gun (adult use only)Washable paintPaintbrushGemstone stickers (or similar to make handles) Washable PVA GlueMasking tape Newspaper to protect surfacesSmock Instructions:
Keep an eye on the cardboard boxes coming into your home for one that would be suitable for a doll's wardrobe. You might be lucky and find something with flaps that can be used for the doors or you may have to attach doors yourself. Ideally you don't want to be taping a hinge on as this doesn't make for a sturdy join. Instead, look for something with a fold in it …

Children's Easter Bunny Mask

When the shops are full of Easter eggs it must be time to do some Easter-themed craft with the kids! If you aren't confident in your own drawing ability, and the kids are too young to draw themselves, then a printable what you need. There are so many free and fantastic printables available on the Internet. Just type "free Easter Bunny mask printable" into Google and switch to the "Images" search and you will find lots to choose from.

I wanted to have a go at creating a printable myself so I created this free Easter Bunny Mask printable for the kids to use. Since I was so impressed with the results, I've put up a tutorial on which takes you through how to create the Easter Bunny mask on the left hand side of the picture in this post. The picture on the right shows what the mask would look like if you didn't unravel the cotton wool balls. Younger children could find this easier than dealing with unraveled cotton wool.

I really enjoyed putt…