Grandma Birthday Card

Grandmas love to receive handmade cards from their grandchildren. I've just put up the instructions for a lovely Grandma birthday card, or Grandmother mothers day card, on It's a fun craft for parents and children to do together as it uses the prints of both parent and child. A Grandma birthday card from child and grandchild is sure to delight Grandma!

Hyacinth Grandma Birthday Card

This particular card features a hyacinth but there are lots of flowers that children, or children and parents can do together. The next time you see a picture of a flower, stop and think if you could finger-paint it with some prints of various parts of a hand.

For the full instructions, go to I'll be promoting my posts on on my blog now as I feel they are a great content fit.


  1. Looks like a really beautiful card. I know how much grandmothers appreciate handmade cards, because I certainly have made alot. These are some great ideas I can try out.


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