Playschool's Little Ted Birthday Cake - ABC for Kids Birthday Cakes

I recently finished making a Playschool Little Ted birthday cake for my youngest's birthday. I was very happy with the result so I thought I'd give a shout-out to the Kathy Knudsen and her fabulous book The ABC Book of Children's Cakes. If your kids are glued to ABC 4 Kids, then this is the birthday cake book for you. Playschool's Little Ted was the second cake I've made from the book. I've also made the Peppa Pig cake and I was just as pleased with the results.

Playschool's Little Ted Birthday Cake - One of the cakes in Kathy Knudsen's book The ABC Book of Children's Cakes.

Kathy Knudsen's book features a range of popular characters from ABC 4 Kids. Hoot and Hootabelle and Giggleosurus are there along with Jemima, Humpty, Fergus the Frog, and Big and Little Ted from Playschool. There are also a range of characters from different shows like Bob the Builder, Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy, Peppa Pig, and Charlie and Lola. Even if you never make a cake from this book, your kids will delight in looking at all the cakes from their favorite TV shows! The cakes look fantastic and are very realistic.

The book features cakes with easier decorating techniques such as buttercream icing, as well as the more difficult ready to roll icing. I'd never used ready-to-roll icing before. In fact, I didn't even know you could buy such a thing so I assumed all those professional looking cakes were out of my league. Fortunately The ABC Book of Children's Cakes gave me the knowledge I needed to attempt such a cake and the resulting Peppa Pig cake looked fantastic and just as good as the picture in the book.

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake - One of the cakes in Kathy Knudsen's book The ABC Book of Children's Cakes.

The Playschool Little Ted cake is an ideal cake to make for little kids - especially if you are time poor with older kids running around. A teddy bear is just the thing for little ones who don't yet have favorite characters. Older siblings will be delighted that the teddy bear is Little Ted - a character they will know well from TV. Teddy bear fur is just the thing for busy mums as messy icing is what is needed! There is no need to stress about getting smooth icing with no cake crumbs in it! The Little Ted cake uses simple butter cream icing in just one colour and really is as simple as it gets for realistic character cakes. I would definitely recommend it as a character cake for those more busy periods or as a first attempt at a children's birthday cake.

Kathy Knudsen's book The ABC Book of Children's Cakes.

I purchased the book from an ABC shop when they still existed but you can still buy it from their online store for $16.99 AUD.


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