Blob Painting with Kids

My eldest is now 2 years old and our activities are now encompassing cooking, science and art.  I am constantly on the lookout for ideas and I'll be posting the good ones here.

Today was our first foray into paint.  Yes, very scary with a two year old, but this activity can be very controlled - well ... relatively speaking!

Activity: blob painting
Category: art
Age tested: young 2 yo
Verdict: great results and very easy

Equipment -

Paper for picture - printer paper works fine
Paint - non toxic and washable is best for younger kids
Plastic spoons - my paint comes in pots
Newspaper - to lay out completed paintings and for covering tables and putting spoons down on
Baby wipes - great for cleaning hands and little accidents before they turn into bigger accidents
Art smock

Method -

1. Fold paper in half and the open it again.
2. If your child is young, pour portions of paint into spoons. Older kids might be able to do this themselves.
3. Encourage child to put the paint on to one half of the paper.  Don't worry if they don't quite get it right or if there are any splashes as this is a very forgiving painting - mistakes won't be noticeable and will probably look like they were intended!
4. Repeat 2 and 3 for as many colours as you like
5. Fold paper in half again
6. Smooth paper with fingers
7. Open up and enjoy the results!


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