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Life Hack: Emergency Lint Remover

Sometimes you misplace the tool you need to do a job and so you put the job off.  But if that job requires a lint remover, it is often something that can't be easily put off such as cleaning pet hair off the clothes you are going to wear to work that day.

That's where this handy little idea for an emergency lint remover comes in.  I was inspired by the sticky washable lint removers and thought what else is sticky that could do the job.  Sticky tape of course!  Simply wrap sticky tape around your fingers a few times sticky side out and drag or dab your fingers over the fabric.  When the sticky tape looses its stick, cut it off your fingers and wrap some more around your fingers.

You will need to do it a few times to get through most jobs so it doesn't replace a real lint remover, but it is good enough to get you out of a bind.  How effective it is will also depend on the material - I found it didn't do a great job with interfacing as interfacing quickly makes the tape …

Homemade Paper Mache Kid's Glue

My 2 yo has been super excited every time she sees paper mache so today we decided to try it. But with only a glue stick in the house, I had to make up some glue for the project. There are various recipes on the web but here is the one I used.
Ingredients: 1 cup plain flour1 cup water2 tablespoons of salt to preserve Method: Sift flour to help remove lumpsAdd water and stir until smoothAdd salt and stirThin with water if desired I just loved this glue!  We made a mess but because it is just flour and water it is REALLY easy to clean up.  The glue on my 2 yo's clothes dried up and flaked off. And glue spilt on the table cleaned up with water and a cloth.  As parents we are always time poor and the idea of making anything that we can buy fairly cheaply from the shops seems like a time consuming hassle.  But this is one thing that is really worth it for little kids. 
This glue won't be suitable for all projects but here is why you should consider it. It is non-toxic and made from c…

Why Trump will Fail

As the dust settles on the US presidential election we see the world transitioning to a wait and see approach with Donald Trump.  But Trump will fail to be the President that many hope for.  This is not a Republican vs. Democrat argument.  This is not a feminist argument.  This is not an argument for an experienced political leader.  This is not an argument for an inclusive President.  This is about our expectations of an ideal country leader and how we will only ever be disappointed when they are set so high.

The world has been transitioning from innocence.  We know that the people who should protect our children, sick, and elderly do despicable things to them.  We know that many people are only out for themselves and don't care who they hurt along the way.  We know and expect most politicians to be in it for the power and not for the betterment of the country.  And yet we expect greatness from the next country leader.  We have grown up and know that the world is not a nice plac…

Blob Painting with Kids

My eldest is now 2 years old and our activities are now encompassing cooking, science and art.  I am constantly on the lookout for ideas and I'll be posting the good ones here.

Today was our first foray into paint.  Yes, very scary with a two year old, but this activity can be very controlled - well ... relatively speaking!

Activity: blob painting
Category: art
Age tested: young 2 yo
Verdict: great results and very easy

Equipment -

Paper for picture - printer paper works fine
Paint - non toxic and washable is best for younger kids
Plastic spoons - my paint comes in pots
Newspaper - to lay out completed paintings and for covering tables and putting spoons down on
Baby wipes - great for cleaning hands and little accidents before they turn into bigger accidents
Art smock

Method -

1. Fold paper in half and the open it again.
2. If your child is young, pour portions of paint into spoons. Older kids might be able to do this themselves.
3. Encourage child to put the paint on to one ha…