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Preparing for Birth and Children with Free Online Subjects

Open Universities is well known in Australia for providing distance education.  May years ago they provided content via the television in the early hours of the morning on the public broadcast channels.  But with the age of the internet their delivery mechanism has modernized to use the internet. As a promotional tool, they have free classes in many topics that you can enroll in.  It is on a separate website called Open2Study.  If you are planning, or already have a Splendid Family , then two of their free classes will be of particular interest to you. The "Midwifery" class from the Open2Study website The "Early Childhood Education" class from the Open2Study website Despite being based in Australia, there is no restriction on who can enroll.  I've enrolled in both of these classes myself to get a heads-up on giving birth and the development of children and the other students come from all over the world - India, China, USA, Colombia are a few c