Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater

Doctor Who inspired items seem to be quite popular so I'm really excited to share with you my latest Doctor Who inspired item - the Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater!

Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater
It is always a slippery slope - once you start knitting or crocheting something you start getting ideas for what you could do with that left-over yarn.  Then before you know it you are buying extra yarn in order to make all those projects!  And this is exactly where the Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater has come from! After having made a replica Doctor Who scarf  for the resident Whovian in My Splendid Family, and then some cushions for the couch out of the leftovers (see the lovely cushions below or read more about them at a sweater was the next request.

Cushions inspired by the Doctor Who Scarf  -
If you would like to make your own Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater, I've put the instructions below. As with the cushions, the choice of yarn is all thanks to  The scarf pattern is from season 12 and I chosen a section of the scarf that I think showcases all the colours in proportions nice for a sweater.  I have used Vanna's Choice as the yarn as I was making sure wool allergies would not stop the sweater from being worn but has other options for yarn you may wish to consider.  I've chosen a free Lion Brand pattern called "Custom Classic Pullover" that is plain pattern available in large sizes (up to 3XL - many patterns don't include sizes above XL) and has a V-neck as my Whovian is not a fan of sweaters that are tight around the neck. You will need to register with lion brand for access to the pattern.

As the scarf is knitted in a different stitch to the sweater, and as I had to use smaller needles than the ones I used for the scarf in order to achieve the right guage, I measured the sections on the Doctor Who scarf I made and have translated those measurements into the number of rows of stocking stitch that you will find in the instructions below.  I measured the scarf when it was lying on a flat surface and sitting naturally and not stretched out.  The scarf is very stretchy so it is difficult to be exact, but due to the nature of the scarf you will never get a perfect match - the minute you put the scarf on the dimensions change due to the weight of the scarf pulling on itself.  But with this approach to measuring the different sections should be fairly consistent relative to each other.
  • Pattern -
  • Needles - circular (for the neck) and straight needles.  I found I could just squeeze all the stitches on needles that were 35 cm in length.  I'm not a big fan of circular needles so that was my preferred way of working - but you could get away with just the circular needles if you enjoy using them.
  • Vanna’ Choice Yarn in the following colours and quantities (see my note below on yarn choice) for size 2XL and under.
    • Beige – 3 balls
    • Olive – 2 balls
    • Charcoal – 2 balls
    • Toffee – 2 balls
    • Brick – 1 ball
    • Burgundy – 1 balls
    • Mustard – 1 ball
The following is a list of the number of rows that you should knit in each colour for a 2XL sweater.  You will need to follow the pattern and use this as a guide as to when to change colours.  Smaller sweaters may not exhaust this listing and larger sweaters should continue on with olive until they have finished the pattern as the olive colour in the scarf continues further than it does in this sweater.

  1. Charcoal - Cast on then 4 rows
  2. Beige - 6 rows
  3. Toffee - 31 rows (6 rib, 25 stocking stitch)
  4. Burgundy - 7 rows
  5. Brick - 14 rows
  6. Mustard - 5 rows
  7. Charcoal - 10 rows
  8. Olive - 17 rows
  9. Burgundy - 5 rows
  10. Beige - 44 rows
  11. Brick - 6 rows
  12. Charcoal - 14 rows
  13. Mustard - 6 rows
  14. Olive -33 rows then cast off
Then for the neck band ..
  1. Beige - Pick and knit then 3 rows
  2. Charcoal - 4 rows then cast off


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