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Book Review: What to Expect When You're Expecting: Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel

What to Expect When You're Expecting Book Cover - Australian & NZ Edition Who hasn't heard of this book??!!  Surely no one!  But is it any good?  Read on to find out what I thought of this book. Prior to reading this book, I read the prequel - What to Expect Before You're Expecting .  I've also put up a review of What to Expect Before You're Expecting if you are interested.  One of the criticisms I had of that prequel is how it is a bit over the top with the cutesy just-wait-till-that-bundle-o-joy-is-in-your-arms-and-you-are-complete language.  But I am glad to say that while it is still present it this book, it isn't a problem.  I suspect this is because there is so much to cover in this book that they don't have the room for it. With the prequel it felt like they were using it to pad the book out a bit.  So it is well worth considering this book even if the prequel wasn't to your taste due to the cutesy embellishments. There is also

Maternity Clothes - Part 1

One of my little gripes when I was pregnant for the very first time was not knowing what I needed in the way of maternity clothes.  I knew I'd need them of course - but I had no idea what size I'd grow to be and what size I should be buying.  I had no idea when I'd need them and how much use I'd get out of them - but I knew for certain that I didn't want to spend more money than I needed to! If you are finding yourself in this position, then this series of articles are for you!  In it I go through my experience with maternity clothes in the hope that it will help you make the best decision.  There are many different experiences with maternity clothes - when your baby is due and what the weather will be like when you are growing will have a big impact on your choices.  If you have anything else you think would be of help to other women out there then please feel free to share your Splendid  knowledge at the end of this article. Maternity Bras (~8 weeks) By 8 w

Preparing for Birth and Children with Free Online Subjects

Open Universities is well known in Australia for providing distance education.  May years ago they provided content via the television in the early hours of the morning on the public broadcast channels.  But with the age of the internet their delivery mechanism has modernized to use the internet. As a promotional tool, they have free classes in many topics that you can enroll in.  It is on a separate website called Open2Study.  If you are planning, or already have a Splendid Family , then two of their free classes will be of particular interest to you. The "Midwifery" class from the Open2Study website The "Early Childhood Education" class from the Open2Study website Despite being based in Australia, there is no restriction on who can enroll.  I've enrolled in both of these classes myself to get a heads-up on giving birth and the development of children and the other students come from all over the world - India, China, USA, Colombia are a few c

Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater

Doctor Who inspired items seem to be quite popular so I'm really excited to share with you my latest Doctor Who inspired item - the Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater ! Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater It is always a slippery slope - once you start knitting or crocheting something you start getting ideas for what you could do with that left-over yarn.  Then before you know it you are buying extra yarn in order to make all those projects!  And this is exactly where the Doctor Who Scarf Inspired Sweater has come from! After having made a replica Doctor Who scarf  for the resident Whovian in My Splendid Family , and then some cushions for the couch out of the leftovers (see the lovely cushions below or read more about them at ) a sweater was the next request. Cushions inspired by the Doctor Who Scarf  - If

All Yarn is Not Created Equal

Not too long ago, the crochet/knitting pattern you would have used would have come from a magazine from your country - or from some books sold alongside the yarn at your favorite yarn store - or from a book from a bookstore in your country.  All of these sources would have quoted locally available yarns - and chances are you would have purchased that exact same yarn. These days with the internet and online purchasing of books and patterns, you are constantly thrown into the situation where the pattern you have found uses a yarn that isn't a local yarn.  There are a few things you can do in this situation.  If you believe the yarn is crucial to the success of your project (due to colour or texture), then you can order the yarn from overseas.  For example, in My Splendid Family  we have a huge Doctor Who fan that wanted a scarf made like the one that his favorite Doctor Who actor wore. I found some instructions for the scarf that included several options for overseas yarns that had