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Have yourserself a home-made Christmas ...

Christmas decorations don't have to come from a store.  You can make your own for hardly any cost and they can be so much more precious to you and your family than anything you could buy in a store.  And with a little bit of effort your decorations will look just as good as something you bought - if not better! This year I have made some crochet Christmas ornaments for the Doctor Who fan in My Splendid Family.   I made six for the tree and all it cost me was $3!  I already had the white yarn, fiber-fill, and crochet hook lying around the place - I only needed to buy the blue yarn.  But even if I had to buy everything from scratch I estimate it would cost $15 in total.  That's still a great saving when you consider to buy something similar in the shops is $10 (plastic) - $20 (glass) for just one.  And of course you get to keep the leftover fiber-fill, hook, and yarn for other projects.  And trust me, once you have a supply of something in your hands you will start coming up wi