Using Social Media to Organize Your Wedding with Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  If not then we suggest you hop on over to and check it out as it will revolutionize the way you are researching ideas for your wedding.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or only have a few tasks left – Pinterest will be able to help.  And it is all free!  And free is a word we brides-to-be love to hear as we watch the costs for our wedding tally up!
Use Pinterest to organize you wedding

So what is this Pinterest and why should you care?  Some brides will create a vision board – especially those who have a creative background and do something like this on a regular basis for their jobs.  For those of you not familiar with a vision board – it is a collection of mostly images, but also fabric, colours, words, ribbon, and anything else that you can stick onto a board.  They can be very specific – with pictures of the exact dress you want, the exact ring you want, the exact bouquet you want.  They can also be not so specific – a collection of pictures that have a feel that you’d like to recreate – or even just a collection of pictures you really like and want to keep to look at in the future as you refine your vision for your wedding.
Without knowing it, you are probably already creating a vision board.  The collection of images you are ripping out of or post-it noting in wedding magazines would make up a vision board if you glued them to a board.  Vision boards can be used as your own personal tool to keep your ideas together, or as a very powerful communication tool.  If you are trying to communicate a vision to your wedding suppliers – nothing is as powerful as an image for describing what you are after!  And they can be invaluable if you are using an overseas or interstate wedding planner.
But much of the inspiration that brides get these days is not something they can glue down on a board – the Internet is a very popular tool for brides-to-be – and this is where Pinterest comes in.  When you set up an account with Pinterest, you can create boards and give them names.  And then you are ready to start pinning photos to your boards!
A good starting point is to search Pinterest.  There are thousands of brides out there who have already created boards that you can search (this is where social media comes in).  If you really like someone’s content you can follow them so you are notified of their new posts – but this isn’t necessary.  You can make great use of Pinterest for your wedding and never interact with anyone.  So if you have a colour theme in mind for your wedding – chances are you aren’t the first and someone else on Pinterest has already done the hard work for you. Just search for something like “purple wedding” and up come lots of gorgeous wedding photos and ideas featuring purple.  If any catch your eye, then you can pin it to your board.  How great is that!  All the hard yards are done for you!
Not everything is on Pinterest – yet!  But that isn’t a problem.  You can pin content from other sources as well.  The easiest way to do this is to install the Pinterest toolbar button.   It is super easy to install with a simple drag and drop.  Read more details at under “The Pin It Button”.  When you are done, whenever you see a website with a picture you just adore, press the “Pin It” button in your toolbar and up will pop a box for you to select the picture you want to pin.
Best of all it is seriously fun!  The best thing to do is give it a try – it is very easy to pick up.  And just a bit of a warning - you could become addicted very quickly!
Have fun brides-to-be!


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