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Three Essential Weight Loss Tools

Weight loss has been the aim in my house for 8 months now.   After many false starts I am happy to say that we are finally starting to see results.   And I’d like to share with you what I believe are essential tools to successful weight loss based on my own experience.   There are lots more “things” that are essential for weight loss such as a supportive environment, but here I just cover all the things you can pick up and play with! A WIFI Enabled Scale (or a notebook and pen if you are freakishly disciplined) Or in simple language, scales that will record your weight and allow you to view it with for instance an app on your iPhone.   Now I know what you are going to say – and the answer is yes, you can record your weight on a piece of paper yourself.   But if you are the type of person who doesn’t always write it down, or you always end up losing that bit of paper in-between diets, then you will love this type of scale. Since having one of these scales, I’ve discover

Dr Who Scarf Inspired Cushion Cover

This simple cushion cover is just the thing for the Dr Who fan in your house.   It is so simple that even a beginner can do it and you will end up with something original that money can’t buy in the shops.   They look great on couch (see picture) and have a different pattern on each side so you can flip them over according to your mood.   It’s a subtle tribute to Dr Who – fans will love it and those who aren’t fans will just think it’s a normal cushion cover.   It is stylish enough that it will not be forced to hide in the study like all the other Dr Who merchandise!   And besides – what else are you going to do with your time while waiting for the Dr Who 50 th Anniversary special! Dr Who Scarf Inspired Cushion Cover - Side 1  Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. What you will need: A 46 cm x 46 cm (size 18) cushion insert.   I picked one up at Big W for $6.87. 5.5 mm knitting needles Vanna’ Choice Yarn in the following colours and quantities (s

Choosing Knitting Needles

Recently knitting has become my new old hobby.   Old because I dabbled in it as a child.   New because I have a renewed interest in it.   I’ve had to purchase knitting needles recently as I don’t have the sizes required for the projects I am working on.   I used to think that knitting needles only came in metal – the ones my mother had that I grew up using.   But recently I’ve discovered and bought other types – mainly due to not being able to find the right size in the metal ones. But which type do you choose if you have a choice?   And in what length?   In this post I’ll go though the positives and negatives of each type to help you decide. Plastic These can be entirely made of plastic, or reinforced internally with a metal rod inside the plastic.   If they are reinforced, they can rattle a little bit as you knit but I haven’t found the noise to be annoying.   They have a nice smooth surface that makes the yarn slide over easily – perhaps not as slippery as polished me