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Is eating too much preventing you from losing weight?

Over the past 6 months I've tried unsuccessfully to lose some weight.   I'd be happy with a few kilos - maybe just 5kg - to bring me back into the healthy range and help those clothes fit a bit better.   I'm now making healthy lunches to take to work for the first time in my life and I plan the week’s dinners in advance to make sure I have the ingredients I need so I'm not tempted to take an easy unhealthy option.   I'm no angel of course.   Sometimes this plan goes out the window for whatever reason - and I've been pretty lax with exercise recently. I know the weight will go if I ramp up the exercise considerably - I've experienced that before when I trained for a 10km fun run.   But I don't want exercise to consume my life.   I know food choices can stop me from losing weight.   But I thought I pretty much had that covered - apart from the occasional weakness - which shouldn't be too bad if it is only occasional right? So if I'm eating