Wedding Planning Made Easy with e-mail!

It can be difficult to organize a wedding - most of the people you want to talk to work 9-5 - just like you do!  Often you don't make contact straight away and they call you back during work hours.  And the last thing you want your boss seeing is you ducking off every 10 minutes to take a wedding related call. 
The other thing is that it costs money to make all those phone calls - especially if you are planning an interstate or overseas wedding.  And let’s face it - it isn't fun to be told that a service provider already has a booking for that day. 
This is where e-mail comes in.  Let’s say you are looking for a mobile hairdresser.  Do your research and find a few who you think could do the job in your local area.  Make sure you include your wish list providers even if you think they are really popular and are sure to be booked out already - an email costs nothing!  And then send all those providers an email when you are home from work in the evenings or the weekends.  Give it a day or two for the responses to come in.  You will then have a shortlist of available mobile hairdressers to work with.  You can then consider their prices and do research on them at your own leisure without any pressure.  I've just done this myself - I emailed 5 mobile hairdressers.  Two told me they weren't available but my number one choice was!  And the response time from the mobile hairdressers was much faster than I would have thought - a couple of hours for most through to just over a day for the final reply. 
Of course phone will always be a better way to get an instant response and get things moving faster - but if you have the time then email is a stress free way of organizing your wedding.


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