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Have yourserself a home-made Christmas ...

Christmas decorations don't have to come from a store.  You can make your own for hardly any cost and they can be so much more precious to you and your family than anything you could buy in a store.  And with a little bit of effort your decorations will look just as good as something you bought - if not better! This year I have made some crochet Christmas ornaments for the Doctor Who fan in My Splendid Family.   I made six for the tree and all it cost me was $3!  I already had the white yarn, fiber-fill, and crochet hook lying around the place - I only needed to buy the blue yarn.  But even if I had to buy everything from scratch I estimate it would cost $15 in total.  That's still a great saving when you consider to buy something similar in the shops is $10 (plastic) - $20 (glass) for just one.  And of course you get to keep the leftover fiber-fill, hook, and yarn for other projects.  And trust me, once you have a supply of something in your hands you will start coming up wi

Amigurumi - Cute Crochet Toys

Have you heard of Amigurumi?  It is two Japanese words combined together to mean crocheted stuffed doll and you pronounce it Ah-me-goo-roo-me (glad to see my two years of high school Japanese are finally paying off!).  It’s a bit difficult to remember and almost impossible to type correctly into Google so maybe we will see a good nickname develop for in the next few years (please!).  And of course they have to be cute.  Think Hello Kitty and other cute Japanese cartoon creatures made out of crochet.  More often than not they are animals, but they don’t have to be.  Best of all, if anyone in your family has a favorite character, chances are there is a cute free pattern so you can delight them by making them one! An amigurumi version of an adipose baby (a cute Doctor Who character). Make your own using with this free pattern ... If you have never picked up a crochet hook before, I’d suggest you start on a simpler more

The "Throwaway" Bouquet

The "Throwing of the Bouquet" is a fun tradition that a lot of brides like to include as part of their wedding.  But some brides are reluctant to part with their beautiful bouquet after only a few hours.  The solution is to get a throw-away bouquet made.  This is often a smaller, simpler version of the bride's bouquet.  The bride can then take her own bouquet home and enjoy it for a bit longer, and the lucky catcher gets a nice memento to take home as well. But before ordering a throw-away bouquet, have a think about whether you will be around to enjoy your bouquet.  If you and your new hubby will jet off on an amazing overseas honeymoon, chances are you won't be taking it with you, and when you get back it will no longer be at its best.  So consider saving the cost of a throw-away bouquet and really make the day of the lucky catcher! TIP: If you are budget conscious, instead of stipulating the flowers that should be used, allow the florist to source flow

Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Shoes from Alan Pinkus' wedding range Bridal shoes should be a synch to cross off your to do list - right?  Wrong!  I've been hearing all sorts of horrible stories about how hard it has been for brides to find a pair of wedding shoes.  Why?  Because white and elegant strappy shoes are out of fashion right now - chunky straps are in.  And whilst they may look hot on a nightclub dance floor, they aren't the right look for a wedding dress.  I've put this post together for you to help make finding your splendid shoes just a little easier. Traditional Wedding Shoes Traditional wedding shoes are very difficult to find right now.  But nothing completes your look quite like a pair of traditional wedding shoes.  They are hard to find - but the effort is well worth it.  I recommend tracking down the shoe brands that carry a sizeable wedding range.  Alan Pinkus (see photo) is one such designer and his shoes are available in most capital city Myer stores in Austral

Using Social Media to Organize Your Wedding with Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  If not then we suggest you hop on over to   and check it out as it will revolutionize the way you are researching ideas for your wedding.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or only have a few tasks left – Pinterest will be able to help.  And it is all  free !  And  free  is a word we brides-to-be love to hear as we watch the costs for our wedding tally up! So what is this Pinterest and why should you care?  Some brides will create a vision board – especially those who have a creative background and do something like this on a regular basis for their jobs.  For those of you not familiar with a vision board – it is a collection of mostly images, but also fabric, colours, words, ribbon, and anything else that you can stick onto a board.  They can be very specific – with pictures of the exact dress you want, the exact ring you want, the exact bouquet you want.  They can also be not so specific – a collection

Three Essential Weight Loss Tools

Weight loss has been the aim in my house for 8 months now.   After many false starts I am happy to say that we are finally starting to see results.   And I’d like to share with you what I believe are essential tools to successful weight loss based on my own experience.   There are lots more “things” that are essential for weight loss such as a supportive environment, but here I just cover all the things you can pick up and play with! A WIFI Enabled Scale (or a notebook and pen if you are freakishly disciplined) Or in simple language, scales that will record your weight and allow you to view it with for instance an app on your iPhone.   Now I know what you are going to say – and the answer is yes, you can record your weight on a piece of paper yourself.   But if you are the type of person who doesn’t always write it down, or you always end up losing that bit of paper in-between diets, then you will love this type of scale. Since having one of these scales, I’ve discover

Dr Who Scarf Inspired Cushion Cover

This simple cushion cover is just the thing for the Dr Who fan in your house.   It is so simple that even a beginner can do it and you will end up with something original that money can’t buy in the shops.   They look great on couch (see picture) and have a different pattern on each side so you can flip them over according to your mood.   It’s a subtle tribute to Dr Who – fans will love it and those who aren’t fans will just think it’s a normal cushion cover.   It is stylish enough that it will not be forced to hide in the study like all the other Dr Who merchandise!   And besides – what else are you going to do with your time while waiting for the Dr Who 50 th Anniversary special! Dr Who Scarf Inspired Cushion Cover - Side 1  Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. What you will need: A 46 cm x 46 cm (size 18) cushion insert.   I picked one up at Big W for $6.87. 5.5 mm knitting needles Vanna’ Choice Yarn in the following colours and quantities (s

Choosing Knitting Needles

Recently knitting has become my new old hobby.   Old because I dabbled in it as a child.   New because I have a renewed interest in it.   I’ve had to purchase knitting needles recently as I don’t have the sizes required for the projects I am working on.   I used to think that knitting needles only came in metal – the ones my mother had that I grew up using.   But recently I’ve discovered and bought other types – mainly due to not being able to find the right size in the metal ones. But which type do you choose if you have a choice?   And in what length?   In this post I’ll go though the positives and negatives of each type to help you decide. Plastic These can be entirely made of plastic, or reinforced internally with a metal rod inside the plastic.   If they are reinforced, they can rattle a little bit as you knit but I haven’t found the noise to be annoying.   They have a nice smooth surface that makes the yarn slide over easily – perhaps not as slippery as polished me